SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless In-Ear Headphones Black/Silver Review

All of us want to own things that are designed to make us look good and stylish. When it comes to earphones, our decision is pretty much the same. Beautiful design along with a sturdy build is what we need and what we try to get.

Taking our needs into account, SOL has designed the Shadow wireless headphones for us with an in-ear style which can be hung around our neck and we won’t even feel them because of their extremely light weight.

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Build and Design

Shadow’s excellent design allows you to wear it throughout the day while looking great. It is simple and made with elegant accents, which goes with every style. It is designed for those who want to look cool and have a good sense of fashion and style.

The neck band is so light and comfortable as if it is not even there. It is designed such that it is comfortable as well as fashionable.

Sound Quality and Cancellation Technology

The sound quality provided by this pair of headphones is excellent with a very low bass. It provides clear vocals with high frequencies so that you are able to listen to even the smallest details from the music that you didn’t even know existed. It doubles the sound quality from your usual playlist.

The various ear tip sizes that are provided allow you to get the perfect fit to separate external noise. The music is even more enjoyable when you don’t have to care for all the surrounding noise as it cancels all the unwanted noise.

Product Specifications

  • HD sound
  • Comfortable, natural fit
  • Built-in mic and music controls
  • Eight-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth
  • Moisture resistant
  • Premium design
  • Multi-device connectivity
  • Colors available: Gray and black
  • Dimensions: 1.5″ x 6.8″ x 6.5″
  • Universal phone control
  • Weight: 14.4 oz.


  • Beautiful design
  • Very light
  • HD quality sound
  • Moisture resistance
  • Long battery life


  • Size is a bit on the larger side

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

It’s water- and sweat-proof quality makes customers praise it as it has turned out to be less bothersome for people to wear it without the fear of the earphones getting harmed.

Its quality sound also gives customers a chance to tune into their favorite music and appreciate it completely without any hindrance in voice quality. Its natural fit design is also quite popular amongst the users because it makes them keep it around their neck when it’s not in use and they don’t even have to worry about looking bad because its design makes them feel cool and stylish.

Its light weight is really liked by customers. They are quite happy that they don’t have to be reminded all the time of a headphone hanging around their neck. Hence, its design is extremely comfortable to wear.

The earphones, all in all, have received mostly positive reviews and are recommended for people who want an enjoyable experience listening to their music.

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