Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

Samsung brings a highly efficient set of headphones to the table in the form of Level U. These headphones have been ergonomically designed to provide long-term use and versatility, not to mention some high-quality music. The Level U packs a powerful punch when it comes to bass-heavy music and its sound quality does not distort even when the volume levels get really high. You can clearly hear the well-crafted high-end notes within these earphones. The product incorporates its own unique take on the wireless headphones, which leads to quality results.

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The style in which the neckband of the Level U is designed makes it an ideal set of headphones to have while exercising. With the neckband going all the way around your neck, the earpiece of the headphones rises from behind to snuggly fit in the ear and does not create a nuisance when in use. This neckband’s fit can also be adjusted, and you can tighten or loosen the product around your neck.

Even though the band is made of flexible rubber, it fits perfectly over the collarbone and proves to be stable and secure, thus allowing a wide variety of movements without the fear of dislodging the earpieces. The controls of this pair of headphones are placed on the right side of the band and can be used for playlist navigation, volume control, and track shuffling.


The ear tips of the earpieces are described as ear gels. These special ear tips open up like a funnel inside the ear canal, providing an ideal fit. These ear tips come in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large, and cater to the needs of a wide-ranging audience. More importantly, these earphones have been specifically designed to provide a powerful ambiance since they block out most of the outside noise and variation. Therefore, one is able to experience some powerful music without the risk of having the music experience interrupted.

The design of the earpieces incorporates magnets and they snap back together when not in use. This makes these headphones incredibly convenient to use.

Product specifications

  • High-quality, clear sound from the 12mm speakers
  • Echo cancellation and mic noise reduction drastically mitigate outside sounds and noise during calls
  • Magnetic ear buds that snap back together when not in use
  • Battery power that can last up to 11 hours of talk-time or 10 hours of music


  • The design of the entire headphone set makes this a product perfect to use while exercising.


  • The earphone controls are quite awkwardly placed and can be difficult to use.

Customer reviews and conclusion

Most customers were thoroughly awed by the Level U. They thought that the product was wonderful because of the design, which was solid and lived up to expectations. Some customers, however, had issues with the way the control of the Level U was placed which they found to be quite awkward to use. In conclusion, this product is perfect for people who want to use headphones while exercising and for that purpose, they need a solid pair which not only provides good sound quality but also proves to be a sturdy fit.

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