NuForce BE6i Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

There once was a time when Bluetooth headphones were frowned upon, but in this age of increasingly wireless accessories for smartphones, Bluetooth headphones are becoming a necessity. The new NuForce headphones provide the user with a wireless experience and no compromises on the quality of sound.

The BE6i headphones provide a great all-around sound. This sound quality can be seen during calls since there is no echo or distortion and the earphones transition seamlessly from playing music to taking calls. They also provide brilliant music quality, as the 10mm drivers in the earpieces pick up deeper notes very well and the bass can be prominently heard.

These headphones are ideal for an action-packed life and for people who are always moving about or exercising.

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A highly resilient aluminum headpiece

The product design follows the same look as its predecessor. The earpieces are made up of aluminum, thus giving the product a smart and chic look. Despite the fact that the earpieces are made up of aluminum, the headphones themselves are pretty lightweight. The aluminum casing of the BE6i makes the product highly resilient, and the IPX5 rating given to the product proves that it is protected from water damage and will work perfectly even if accidently submerged in a pool of water or a shower.

The 23-inch rubber ribbon connects the two earpieces, which themselves can be attached at the ends with a magnet. These magnetic earpieces are together so that you will not need to worry about the wires getting tangled up while in storage.

Adjustable, noise-blocking earpieces

The NuForce headphones also come with an entire set of earpieces (7), which provide an adequate fit for various ear sizes. Among this set, you can find earpieces that fit your needs or you can use the Comfy tip earpieces to block out most noise in your surroundings so that you can relish your musical experience. These earbuds also have memory foam incorporated in their design, so once you find your fit, you won’t need to change them.

Product specifications

  • An inline remote that has multiple functions including receiving incoming calls, volume adjustment, and voice recognition
  • Superb battery life that can last up to 8 hours (with variations depending on whether the use is for calls or music)
  • Available in gray or gold colors
  • Has a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet
  • IPX5 certified


  • The highly resistant nature of these headphones makes them a brilliant buy.


  • The USB port is a bit hard to access because of the way it has been incorporated into the device.

Customer reviews and conclusion

The customers found this product to provide good value for its price, with some really good reviews stating how the product has brilliant sound quality and delivery. However, there were some issues with product consistency, with a few customers complaining about inadequate battery life and the water-resistant casing not working up to its mark.

Overall, the NuForce headphones are a good pair to have. Their minimalistic design, coupled with the freedom they provide to the user, makes these earphones ideal for people who like to listen to music while exercising or people who would like non-intrusive headphones while they are busy with office work.

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