LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-760 Review

Let’s be honest, none of us can live without music. To make music listening easier while traveling and other times when we want to enjoy our favorite songs to the fullest, LG Pro HBS-760 is one of the best headphones by the renowned manufacturer of mobile and accessories.

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Excellent Connectivity

The Bluetooth headphones give us the ability to connect to any device with integrated Bluetooth in it. It is for people who want to use it without taking into account the location, be it gym, office, or house as it can connect with any device easily.

High Sound Quality

The LG headphones, like all other LG devices, are made to give their best. These headphones offer the best sound quality. With its HD quality sound, It will let the users get the full advantage of listening to their favorite songs wherever and whenever they desire.


  • Weight: 1.21 oz
  • Bluetooth
  • Up to 16 hours talk time
  • Up to 23 days standby time
  • Up to 10.5 hours music play time
  • Less than two hours charging time
  • Dimensions: 5.43” x 6.73” x 0.64”
  • Two sets of ear gels in large and small size
  • Micro USB charging cable


  • Wireless, no hassle because of tangled wires
  • Bluetooth for better connectivity
  • Attractive design
  • HD quality sound
  • Easy to use
  • Claims its durable


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not as durable as claimed

Customer’s Reviews and Conclusion

The name LG is enough to make the customers feel comfortable with all the devices and mobile phone accessories it produces. LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset is no exception to this. People have given positive reviews and preferred buying it just by knowing who the manufacturing company is.

The quality of the headphones has earned it a 3.1 rating out of 5 from the customers. Most of the customers are satisfied with the quality and would probably recommend it to others.

Features have earned 3.7 rating out of 5 as people think that its biggest pro is the features it offers to its users. People think that it is extremely easy to use and handle without the hassle of tangled wires that are difficult to carry around with them as they are more of a burden than a blessing.

The overall value it gives to its customers against its price has got it an average customer rating of 3.3 out of 5. Reviewers are pleased with its price. Even though it is slightly expensive as compared to the similar products that are available but if they are compared with the features it offers, it cancels the pricey state as the advantages supersedes the cost.

All things considered, it has an average 3.3 rating out of 5 by the users keeping in mind all the pros and cons it offers. This is a positive and satisfactory rating indicating that users are, on the whole, satisfied with the overall performance and the cost-benefit analysis gives them a positive result.

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