Klipsch R6i In-Ear Headphones Review

Klipsch provides its customers with a pair of high-quality earphones in the form of R6i. These earphones pack a powerful sub-bass content and deliver outstanding bass music both at moderate and high sound levels. The deep tones are captured perfectly by these earphones, but there appears to be some sound distortion when the volume is pushed past the normal, safe levels. However, this hardly seems like an issue compared to the strengths of the product. This product will be a great addition to the accessories of music lovers who want to experience some powerful music through these high-quality and comfortable earphones.

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The R6i is available in black and white colors and come with attractively designed metallic earpieces, which blend seamlessly into the overall design of the product.

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Ergonomic design

A plain, two-tone cable connects these earpieces together and joins them in one place at the torso of the entire set. A 3-button remote and microphone are also attached to the cable that connects the left earpiece. This remote device can be used to control track playlists, browse forwards or backward through a playlist, adjust volume, and receive calls.

Customizable and highly usable earpieces

The most prominent and noteworthy feature of this product has to be its fitting. The earpieces are extremely lightweight and come with four other replacement pieces, thus allowing the user to choose the most suitable piece for their requirement. The earphones also have a shirt clip incorporated into their design, thus providing additional ease to the user. They also come with their own special pouch in which you can place them, without the fear of losing them or, worse, tangling them up.

Product specifications

  • Micro speaker with dynamic moving coil (DMC) and two magnets
  • A remote with 3 buttons and microphone which is made for iOS devices
  • Flat cable that is tangle-resistant
  • Specially designed and patented oval ear tips
  • Available in black and white colors
  • Accompanied by a carry case and 4 pairs of ear tips


  • Brilliant quality and one of the best returns on money in terms of music quality and design.


  • The heavily bass-inclined drivers of this device might not be what musical purists will be looking for since this inclination towards bass-heavy sound tends to overshadow other tones in the music being played.

Customer reviews and conclusion

Most of the customers agreed that these earphones are one of the best on the market within the price range. They found the product to deliver quality music, provide seamless sound during calls, and work like a charm. However, some customers had issues with the weight of the product; the metallic design of the earpieces meant that they are a little heavier than usual. Also, there were some complaints that the noise cancellation system with these earphones was not good enough and stray sounds would often interrupt calls. However, the consensus was that this product is solid and would be an ideal buy for people looking for some good music experience within a moderate budget.

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