JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth Review

The era of wired devices is nearly over with the arrival of the new and less cumbersome wireless headphones. With major smartphone brands having introduced these headphones on the market, there is no doubt that these headphones will be the norm instead of conventional headphones in a few years. With the market being flooded with so many brands of wireless headphones, with each company competing to rise to the top, it becomes difficult to determine which pair of headphones is the best.

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There are a few brands that offer this feature and undoubtedly JBL Reflect Mini is one of them. The JBL Reflect Mini headphones are worth every penny of yours. We will try to explain why the JBL Reflect Mini is the best choice for you in the wireless headphones category.

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Excellent Fit

A good fit is an essential part of anyone’s listening experience when it comes to wireless headphones. Without it, you would have to keep on fixing your headphones and it would annoy you to no extent. The JBL Reflect Mini offers the very experience you are looking for. The fit of these headphones is excellent and it does not fall off regardless of whether you are stationary or exercising. The sweat-proof aspect of this pair of headphones greatly improves their grip on your ear, thus insuring that they do not slip out.

Great Sound Quality

These headphones offer great sound quality to its users. The sound is undoubtedly excellent and the experience of listening to media with the help of these headphones is awesome. Keep in mind, however, that these headphones offer the best sound quality where the external noise is minimized as much as possible.

Pros and Cons

The battery life of these headphones is also quite impressive and can easily last you throughout the day if you are not someone who uses these headphones constantly.

The sound of these headphones is not as loud as you would like it and gets toned down. Like many other headphones of the same type, these headphones too are not very good at keeping external noise out and this may serve as a barrier to communicating via calls.


  • Connectivity – Bluetooth
  • Reflective headphones cord for visibility at night
  • User-friendly design
  • Firm grip of earbuds
  • Light in weight
  • Sweat-proof
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Microphone type – built-in
  • Battery type – rechargeable
  • Battery life – 8 hours

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

The JBL Reflect Mini definitely lives up to JBL’s reputation of producing high quality headphones. Although, there were some complaints about the earpieces not working after a few months, but that was possibly due to the rough usage of the headphones.

On the whole, however, the customers’ reviews were positive with most of the customers claiming that the JBL Reflect Mini is a great choice of headphones if you are looking for a good fit. The ergonomic design also remains a big plus point in its favor. You should definitely consider these headphones if you want an ideal mix of simple design and excellent performance.

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