Jabra Sports Coach Wireless Earbuds Review

The Jabra Sports Coach Earbuds are a revolution in the wireless earbuds market. These earbuds provide a high-quality soundscape, including a great bass response that does not let high-pitched noises get distorted or lost. Even though the deep bass sounds aren’t very powerful, they are good enough to create a powerful tempo during workouts. The earbuds provide a good mix of high and low sounds while making sure that sound quality is crisp and clear.

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These earbuds have also made people rethink the ideal number of functions that can be utilized in a single product. This is because the Sports Coach earbuds also incorporate technology that keeps track of your exercise routine and training reps. This product has definitely set a new precedence for other similar products in the market. Here, we look at some of the features of this product.

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Adjustable settling cable

The cable connecting the two earbuds is placed behind the neck and can be adjusted to the right degree of slack that is required during the exercise. The inner microphone is placed near the right earbud and contains buttons to adjust volume, manage calls and navigate through your playlist.

Motion-sensing exercise companion

On the outer panel of the left earbud is the motion sensor that is used to record calories burned, distance walked, and reps completed. This motion sensor is placed alongside the Sport button that can be clicked to enable or disable on-the-go sensory input to the app. This aspect of the product can easily be linked to the Sports Life app which, then, gives you multiple options about which sort of exercise to record. These exercises could include weight training, cardio, and endurance or you can use the app to simply keep an eye on the amount of time you have walked or jogged.

Product specifications

  • Better sound quality that includes noise cancellation and greatly improved bass
  • Track Fit motion sensor that counts your workout reps and calories burned
  • For your personalized workouts, you can use the in-ear coaching and choose from 50+ exercises
  • Control music and calls directly from the on-device remote that is located under the right earpiece


  • The built-in fitness companion (motion sensor and app combo) makes it one of the best fitness earbuds out there.


  • The battery life may be an issue with some people since the time span is relatively short.

Customer reviews and conclusion

Customers gave this product raving reviews and found it to be a very good addition to their exercise equipment. The motion tracking system was seen as a revolutionary idea which a lot of people liked. However, there were some technical issues with the problem, such as the battery life not being what had been advertised.

The Jabra Sports Coach Earbuds are an incredible addition to the workout arsenal of gym-users/runners everywhere. It incorporated state-of-the-art technology with some brilliant and non-intrusive design which makes this product a good buy. It is highly recommended for people who want to make use of minimal equipment to keep an accurate tab on their exercise routines.

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