Gosnare Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

These headphones by Gosnare are a state-of-the-art product that makes use of Bluetooth technology to provide customers with a high-quality result that does not fail to impress. This product keeps in mind the needs of the dynamic smartphone user by incorporating a minimalistic style that provides all the uses of a good headphone set. The simplicity itself is a key component of the product since it allows more important technologies and features to be added, making this a solid product that that does not compromise on a good listening experience. This is a product that will surely impress you.

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Superb user interface

The earpieces come with their controls lodged on the side of the product. These buttons can be used to change volume, receive/decline incoming calls, cycle through playlists and shuffle tracks without the need to have a connected device at hand. This allows the user to actually have a lot of freedom of use. The product would work ideally for people who happen to drive a lot and have to take calls on the road. This feature where you can accept calls with a push of the button would mean that for a lot of people, the communication experience would become much easier.

Sound cancellation and microphone

This product keeps in mind the needs of the modern consumer, which are quality and smoothness in terms of design. Therefore, it incorporates the noise cancellation technology in its design. The external noise that can hamper good communication is canceled out when you talk on this headpiece. The microphone that is fitted with the sound button is also a high-quality addition to the earpiece. You can talk without being afraid that your voice will be lost since the microphone is incredibly powerful and can pick up the voice with ease. This makes the overall communication system with the Gosnare headphones excellent.

Product specifications

  • Brilliant quality headphones that provide some of the best stereo and bass sounds.
  • Distinct high & low volume notes.
  • Control buttons that are easy to use and provide control without the need to use the connected device.
  • IPX7 certification proves the product to be sweat-proof and waterproof, making it a highly resilient set of headphones.
  • 5 long hours of continuous battery life.


  • The wireless nature of the product makes it an instantaneous winner.


  • The earphones tend to stick out a little bit, which can look strange.

Customer reviews and conclusion

Most of the customers gave positive reviews to this product. They found it to be ergonomic in terms of design and excellent in terms of sound quality.  The one complaint that they had was with the slightly awkward design of the product, which wasn’t exactly comfortable. Overall, this is a pretty solid product in terms of quality, which would be a great buy for just about anyone looking for wireless earphones in an affordable price range.

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