The 15 Best Wireless Earbuds 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Wireless Earbuds – Reviews & Buyer’s GuideLife is fast and constant entertainment is the need of the hour to keep us tuned and ready to face the fast pace of life. One of the most significant things that we need today is portable music and, with that, best wireless earbuds.

Gone are the days when we would spend hours untangling the dangling cords of Bluetooth earbuds and plugging them into the nearest device to listen to music. As the world advances, progress brings us the magical Bluetooth connectivity that gives quality music in agreement with your playlist without any wires ruining the fun. Some earphones are suitable for particular devices, while others are compatible with each and every device including smartphones, tablets, and CD players. Depending on the earphones that you choose, you are at liberty to enjoy music anywhere and everywhere.

It is often easy to get duped with the many earphones that are available on the market. Often we end up regretting an investment that we made but which yielded a poor sound quality or is not durable enough to survive an active user.

Wireless Earbuds 2017

When purchasing anything, you should read reviews of the product beforehand to be sure you’re not about to waste your bucks. Even though there are lots of options when it comes to headphones, you can’t be sure which ones would suit your requirements best.

To make things easy for you, this article gives a detailed look into the top 15 best wireless earbuds. These give exceptional results for the dollars spent on them, so you can be sure that you will not be disappointed.

All these Bluetooth earbuds are most durable earbuds and suit an active workout lifestyle. You can also carry them to trips and for trekking. The majority of these Bluetooth earbuds have a secure, comfortable fit so that you can wear them for hours and still have fatigue-free ears. The long battery life also supports hours of binge watching.

1Bose Quietcontrol 30
(Editor’s Choice)
$$$4.9reviewPrice & reviews
2Bose SoundSport Pulse$$4.7reviewPrice & reviews
3Klipsch X12 Bluetooth Neckband$$$4.8reviewPrice & reviews
4Jaybird X2 Sport$$4.2reviewPrice & reviews
5Jaybird X3 Sport$$4.1reviewPrice & reviews
6Plantronics BackBeat Fit$$4.4reviewPrice & reviews
7Skybuds$$$4.3reviewPrice & reviews
8Samsung Level U po$4.3reviewPrice & reviews
9Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones
(Best Seller)
$4.6reviewPrice & reviews
10TaoTronics Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds$4.5reviewPrice & reviews
11Bose SoundSport$$4.3reviewPrice & reviews
12SENSO Bluetooth Headphones
(Best Seller)
$4.6reviewPrice & reviews
13Jabra Elite Sport$$$4.1reviewPrice & reviews
14LG Tone Active+$$4.2reviewPrice & reviews
15Beats Powerbeats3$$$4.2reviewPrice & reviews

1. Bose QuietControl 30

Made of human-made materials, these …

Klipsch R6i In-Ear Headphones Review

Klipsch provides its customers with a pair of high-quality earphones in the form of R6i. These earphones pack a powerful sub-bass content and deliver outstanding bass music both at moderate and high sound levels. The deep tones are captured perfectly by these earphones, but there appears to be some sound distortion when the volume is pushed past the normal, safe levels. However, this hardly seems like an issue compared to the strengths of the product. This product will be a great addition to the accessories of music lovers who want to experience some powerful music through these high-quality and comfortable earphones.

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The R6i is available in black and white colors and come with attractively designed metallic earpieces, which blend seamlessly into the overall design of the product.

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Ergonomic design

A plain, two-tone cable connects these earpieces together and joins them in one place at the torso of the entire set. A 3-button remote and microphone are also attached to the cable that connects the left earpiece. This remote device can be used to control track playlists, browse forwards or backward through a playlist, adjust volume, and receive calls.

Customizable and highly usable earpieces

The most prominent and noteworthy feature of this product has to be its fitting. The earpieces are extremely lightweight and come with four other replacement pieces, thus allowing the user to choose the most suitable piece for their requirement. The earphones also have a shirt clip incorporated into their design, thus providing additional ease to the user. They also come with their own special pouch in which you can place them, without the fear of losing them or, worse, tangling them up.

Product specifications

  • Micro speaker with dynamic moving coil (DMC) and two magnets
  • A remote with 3 buttons and microphone which is made for iOS devices
  • Flat cable that is tangle-resistant
  • Specially designed and patented oval ear tips
  • Available in black and white colors
  • Accompanied by a carry case and 4 pairs of ear tips


  • Brilliant quality and one of the best returns on money in terms of music quality and design.


  • The heavily bass-inclined drivers of this device might not be what musical purists will be looking for since this inclination towards bass-heavy sound tends to overshadow other tones in the music being played.

Customer reviews and conclusion

Most of the customers agreed that these earphones are one of the best on the market within the price range. They found the product to deliver quality music, provide seamless sound during calls, and work like a charm. However, some customers had issues with the weight of the product; the metallic design of the earpieces meant that they are a little heavier than usual. Also, there were some complaints that the noise cancellation system with these earphones was not good enough and stray sounds would often interrupt calls. However, the consensus was that this product is solid and would be an ideal …

LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 Wireless Stereo Headset Review

Infinim HBS-900 Wireless Stereo Headset is one of the best versions of the popular LG Tone series.

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Excellent Design

The LG’s Tone wireless headset features a unique neckband design that extends the cable up to your ears and retracts them when not in use. The volume controls are located on the left side of the neckband that works together with the phone’s volume controls. Sliding the button on one side of the other can activate or deactivate vibrate mode. Also on the left side is a button to answer or end call along with the micro USB connection for charging on the inside panel. There is an additional button on the left side to retract the cable and pull the left ear tip back into the frame of the neckband. On the right side of the neck band, there is a single play and pause button that can switch between three different modes when pressed twice. The three modes include Normal, Treble Boost and Bass Boost. Along the exterior of the neckband, a sliding track navigation control is located, while the inside of the neckband holds the switches for power and pairing as well as a cable-retracing button. Featuring a glossy and metallic finish, the stylish and sexy headset comes in three colors, including black, white and silver.

Highly Comfortable and Convenient

It is worn around the neck, and the earbuds can retract by pressing a single button, which makes it easy and sleek to manage the wire. Weighing less than two ounces, the Infinim is lightweight and perfect for wearing all day. They have an exceptionally secure in-ear fit as the ear tips not only fit well but are also free of the pull of gravity on long cables because of the neckband. The battery life of the headset is fourteen to seventeen hours.


  • Bluetooth Version: 3.0
  • Supported Bluetooth Profiles AVRCP, HFP, A2DP and HSP
  • Standby time up to twenty-three hours
  • Talk time up to seventeen hours
  • Music play time up to fourteen hours
  • Weight 1.83 ounces
  • Warranty: one year
  • AptX Compatible
  • Features retractable earbuds with wire management
  • Package includes: LG Tone Infinim, three different sizes of earbud cover and a micro USB charger

Pros and Cons

The best thing about the LG wireless headset is its excellent sound quality for music as well as the stylish and sexy design. They have great ergonomics, which makes them very comfortable to wear all day. Their battery life is excellent, and the convenience of buttons offer a lot of control.

On the other hand, the charging cover can be difficult to remove and break easily. Because of no noise canceling feature, the quality of phone calls is poor in a noisy environment.


The LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 Wireless Stereo Headset features a secure fit, unique design along with a distortion-free bright sound signature. Its users are quite satisfied with their purchase because of its excellent quality sound. Although some of the customers found it relatively …

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

Samsung brings a highly efficient set of headphones to the table in the form of Level U. These headphones have been ergonomically designed to provide long-term use and versatility, not to mention some high-quality music. The Level U packs a powerful punch when it comes to bass-heavy music and its sound quality does not distort even when the volume levels get really high. You can clearly hear the well-crafted high-end notes within these earphones. The product incorporates its own unique take on the wireless headphones, which leads to quality results.

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The style in which the neckband of the Level U is designed makes it an ideal set of headphones to have while exercising. With the neckband going all the way around your neck, the earpiece of the headphones rises from behind to snuggly fit in the ear and does not create a nuisance when in use. This neckband’s fit can also be adjusted, and you can tighten or loosen the product around your neck.

Even though the band is made of flexible rubber, it fits perfectly over the collarbone and proves to be stable and secure, thus allowing a wide variety of movements without the fear of dislodging the earpieces. The controls of this pair of headphones are placed on the right side of the band and can be used for playlist navigation, volume control, and track shuffling.


The ear tips of the earpieces are described as ear gels. These special ear tips open up like a funnel inside the ear canal, providing an ideal fit. These ear tips come in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large, and cater to the needs of a wide-ranging audience. More importantly, these earphones have been specifically designed to provide a powerful ambiance since they block out most of the outside noise and variation. Therefore, one is able to experience some powerful music without the risk of having the music experience interrupted.

The design of the earpieces incorporates magnets and they snap back together when not in use. This makes these headphones incredibly convenient to use.

Product specifications

  • High-quality, clear sound from the 12mm speakers
  • Echo cancellation and mic noise reduction drastically mitigate outside sounds and noise during calls
  • Magnetic ear buds that snap back together when not in use
  • Battery power that can last up to 11 hours of talk-time or 10 hours of music


  • The design of the entire headphone set makes this a product perfect to use while exercising.


  • The earphone controls are quite awkwardly placed and can be difficult to use.

Customer reviews and conclusion

Most customers were thoroughly awed by the Level U. They thought that the product was wonderful because of the design, which was solid and lived up to expectations. Some customers, however, had issues with the way the control of the Level U was placed which they found to be quite awkward to use. In conclusion, this product is perfect for …

Gosnare Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

These headphones by Gosnare are a state-of-the-art product that makes use of Bluetooth technology to provide customers with a high-quality result that does not fail to impress. This product keeps in mind the needs of the dynamic smartphone user by incorporating a minimalistic style that provides all the uses of a good headphone set. The simplicity itself is a key component of the product since it allows more important technologies and features to be added, making this a solid product that that does not compromise on a good listening experience. This is a product that will surely impress you.

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Superb user interface

The earpieces come with their controls lodged on the side of the product. These buttons can be used to change volume, receive/decline incoming calls, cycle through playlists and shuffle tracks without the need to have a connected device at hand. This allows the user to actually have a lot of freedom of use. The product would work ideally for people who happen to drive a lot and have to take calls on the road. This feature where you can accept calls with a push of the button would mean that for a lot of people, the communication experience would become much easier.

Sound cancellation and microphone

This product keeps in mind the needs of the modern consumer, which are quality and smoothness in terms of design. Therefore, it incorporates the noise cancellation technology in its design. The external noise that can hamper good communication is canceled out when you talk on this headpiece. The microphone that is fitted with the sound button is also a high-quality addition to the earpiece. You can talk without being afraid that your voice will be lost since the microphone is incredibly powerful and can pick up the voice with ease. This makes the overall communication system with the Gosnare headphones excellent.

Product specifications

  • Brilliant quality headphones that provide some of the best stereo and bass sounds.
  • Distinct high & low volume notes.
  • Control buttons that are easy to use and provide control without the need to use the connected device.
  • IPX7 certification proves the product to be sweat-proof and waterproof, making it a highly resilient set of headphones.
  • 5 long hours of continuous battery life.


  • The wireless nature of the product makes it an instantaneous winner.


  • The earphones tend to stick out a little bit, which can look strange.

Customer reviews and conclusion

Most of the customers gave positive reviews to this product. They found it to be ergonomic in terms of design and excellent in terms of sound quality.  The one complaint that they had was with the slightly awkward design of the product, which wasn’t exactly comfortable. Overall, this is a pretty solid product in terms of quality, which would be a great buy for just about anyone looking for wireless earphones in an affordable price range.

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Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review

These earbuds by Skullcandy are designed to provide the best earphone experience without the hassle of having to tangle yourself with those pesky wires and sockets. This product is designed to be as low-key as possible while giving off a cool, trendy look. The product has been designed to be non-intrusively used when on the go. The Ink’d earbuds have been designed to deliver some really intense bass sounds as well. Even at very high volumes, the bass sound does not crack or break up. It also delivers rich sound textures with other variations of tones and tenor such as drums and vocals.

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A collar design made for high activity

The earbuds are available in red, blue, black and gray/white designs and incorporate the flexible collar around the neck as the signature part of their design. The collar prevents the need to constantly be aware of the location of the earphones since the design ensures that they don’t move or fall out of place. It makes sure that the listening experience of the consumer is not marred by the constant need to adjust the earbuds. The collar also allows for good mobility since the collar on which the earbuds are affixed provides a solid ground for the earpieces.

Minimalistic and efficient earpieces

The left earbud features a remote control which can be used to control volume, manage calls, and cycle through playlists. This remote system is connected to the cellular device you use, so you can directly control all these functions without having to resort to the use of the fixed remote. The product comes with two different sizes of earbud (small and large) which can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.

Product specifications

  • A built-in microphone and remote allow you to handle your calls and music with convenience.
  • The earpiece fit isolates outside noise and enhances the musical experience.
  • 8-hour battery life.
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet away from the device.


  • Versatile design that incorporates the user’s need for hassle-free music.
  • Brilliant quality of sound for a relatively low-end product.


  • The earbuds sometimes have connectivity issues with the Bluetooth pairing.

Customer reviews and conclusion

The reviews about this product were dominantly positive. People applauded the design of the product which fit in with their daily routine without creating issues for them. The music quality was also highly rated. However, there were some issues with Bluetooth connectivity, which seemed to break after moving a short distance.

These earbuds by Skullcandy are some of the best wireless earbuds to be found in the low price range. Not only are these earbuds economical, but they also offer a high degree of mobility and comfort to the user, who doesn’t have to worry about constantly adjusting the earphones. This makes it an ideal pair of earbuds to have when going on a run or when driving in traffic. The overall design is trendy and would fit …

NuForce BE6i Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

There once was a time when Bluetooth headphones were frowned upon, but in this age of increasingly wireless accessories for smartphones, Bluetooth headphones are becoming a necessity. The new NuForce headphones provide the user with a wireless experience and no compromises on the quality of sound.

The BE6i headphones provide a great all-around sound. This sound quality can be seen during calls since there is no echo or distortion and the earphones transition seamlessly from playing music to taking calls. They also provide brilliant music quality, as the 10mm drivers in the earpieces pick up deeper notes very well and the bass can be prominently heard.

These headphones are ideal for an action-packed life and for people who are always moving about or exercising.

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A highly resilient aluminum headpiece

The product design follows the same look as its predecessor. The earpieces are made up of aluminum, thus giving the product a smart and chic look. Despite the fact that the earpieces are made up of aluminum, the headphones themselves are pretty lightweight. The aluminum casing of the BE6i makes the product highly resilient, and the IPX5 rating given to the product proves that it is protected from water damage and will work perfectly even if accidently submerged in a pool of water or a shower.

The 23-inch rubber ribbon connects the two earpieces, which themselves can be attached at the ends with a magnet. These magnetic earpieces are together so that you will not need to worry about the wires getting tangled up while in storage.

Adjustable, noise-blocking earpieces

The NuForce headphones also come with an entire set of earpieces (7), which provide an adequate fit for various ear sizes. Among this set, you can find earpieces that fit your needs or you can use the Comfy tip earpieces to block out most noise in your surroundings so that you can relish your musical experience. These earbuds also have memory foam incorporated in their design, so once you find your fit, you won’t need to change them.

Product specifications

  • An inline remote that has multiple functions including receiving incoming calls, volume adjustment, and voice recognition
  • Superb battery life that can last up to 8 hours (with variations depending on whether the use is for calls or music)
  • Available in gray or gold colors
  • Has a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet
  • IPX5 certified


  • The highly resistant nature of these headphones makes them a brilliant buy.


  • The USB port is a bit hard to access because of the way it has been incorporated into the device.

Customer reviews and conclusion

The customers found this product to provide good value for its price, with some really good reviews stating how the product has brilliant sound quality and delivery. However, there were some issues with product consistency, with a few customers complaining about inadequate battery life and the water-resistant casing not working up to its mark.

Overall, the NuForce headphones are a good pair to have. …

Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

Since a very long time, Jabra has been making mobile headsets, and they are recognized as one of the most reliable brands when it comes to Bluetooth earpieces. Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headset is sweat resistant, which makes it an ultimate workout solution.

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  • The ten-millimeter speakers offer exceptional, full-spectrum audio
  • Water resistant IP54 rating
  • Features noise cancellation and wind noise reduction
  • Comes with magnets in earbuds to hold onto neckband or together for a tangle-free experience
  • Bendable Flex zones that are built into the band offer secure and comfortable fit
  • Talk time: seventeen hours
  • Music playback time: fifteen hours
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Warranty: one year


Efficiently Designed

The wireless headset’s most distinguishing design element is the contoured neckband that has wires sticking out on one of the ends for the earbuds. The right side of the neckband houses volume and playback controls, while the middle multifunction button powers the headset on and off, answers and end calls and plays and pauses audio. The volume buttons can also be used to skip or go back a track by holding them for one second. On the left side of the band, there is a microphone button that triggers an active voice assistant, such as Cortana, Google Now or Siri. Under the black plastic tab, there is Micro USB slot that is covered by a rubber flap.

Very Convenient

To make the neckband more adjustable when putting it on or taking it off, inner sides are rippled and called “Flex Zones.” Connecting the two earbuds using the magnets has different functions; for instance, detaching them can answer a phone call, while attaching them will automatically end the call. A fairly large battery is placed inside the band to give the earphones an extended operation of up to fifteen hours for music and seventeen hours of call time.

Pros and Cons

The Jabra Halo Smart wireless headset is sturdily built in a neckband style that works great for making cell phone calls. It offers a decent sound for music along with an excellent battery life. Another positive thing is that whenever there is an incoming call, the neckband vibrates. On the other hand, the included ear tips do not offer a secure fit that leads to a reduction in sound quality.


From the moment you begin your day, Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headset will be there to receive your calls, keep you on track with your schedule, organize your workload and play your music with an incredible sound quality. The customers who have purchased the earpiece love it because it is very comfortable to wear and has a long-lasting battery life. You can get a good amount of volume and adjust it according to your needs. However, some of the users commented that the controls of the headset are not very convenient as well as the fit is not very secure.

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Jabra Sports Coach Wireless Earbuds Review

The Jabra Sports Coach Earbuds are a revolution in the wireless earbuds market. These earbuds provide a high-quality soundscape, including a great bass response that does not let high-pitched noises get distorted or lost. Even though the deep bass sounds aren’t very powerful, they are good enough to create a powerful tempo during workouts. The earbuds provide a good mix of high and low sounds while making sure that sound quality is crisp and clear.

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These earbuds have also made people rethink the ideal number of functions that can be utilized in a single product. This is because the Sports Coach earbuds also incorporate technology that keeps track of your exercise routine and training reps. This product has definitely set a new precedence for other similar products in the market. Here, we look at some of the features of this product.

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Adjustable settling cable

The cable connecting the two earbuds is placed behind the neck and can be adjusted to the right degree of slack that is required during the exercise. The inner microphone is placed near the right earbud and contains buttons to adjust volume, manage calls and navigate through your playlist.

Motion-sensing exercise companion

On the outer panel of the left earbud is the motion sensor that is used to record calories burned, distance walked, and reps completed. This motion sensor is placed alongside the Sport button that can be clicked to enable or disable on-the-go sensory input to the app. This aspect of the product can easily be linked to the Sports Life app which, then, gives you multiple options about which sort of exercise to record. These exercises could include weight training, cardio, and endurance or you can use the app to simply keep an eye on the amount of time you have walked or jogged.

Product specifications

  • Better sound quality that includes noise cancellation and greatly improved bass
  • Track Fit motion sensor that counts your workout reps and calories burned
  • For your personalized workouts, you can use the in-ear coaching and choose from 50+ exercises
  • Control music and calls directly from the on-device remote that is located under the right earpiece


  • The built-in fitness companion (motion sensor and app combo) makes it one of the best fitness earbuds out there.


  • The battery life may be an issue with some people since the time span is relatively short.

Customer reviews and conclusion

Customers gave this product raving reviews and found it to be a very good addition to their exercise equipment. The motion tracking system was seen as a revolutionary idea which a lot of people liked. However, there were some technical issues with the problem, such as the battery life not being what had been advertised.

The Jabra Sports Coach Earbuds are an incredible addition to the workout arsenal of gym-users/runners everywhere. It incorporated state-of-the-art technology with some brilliant and non-intrusive design which makes this product a good buy. It is …

BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

It looks like all of us are slightly irritated by the long wires we have to carry along with us in order to listen to a song or receive a call, as most of the headphones come with huge wires that become a pain when they get tangled; and that happens more often than not.

A better alternative to this wired problem are wireless headphones that have come to save us a lot of hassle. BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones are one of the most successful wireless headphones with the best qualities.

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Faster, Longer Battery Charging

BeatsX headphones come with a very durable battery, which works for up to eight hours and more when charged once. Moreover, their battery can charge very fast. It takes only five minutes for the battery to charge which would work for more than two hours with no hassle. This long-lasting battery enables you to use it whenever you want, be it at work, school, or while exercising. Once you have charged it completely, it would not be a problem for at least next eight hours.


These are wireless headphones giving the freedom of taking them along anywhere without the fear of tangled long wires trailing behind the users. These are incredibly comfy to wear around your neck all day as they have a flexible cable that you can easily carry. Their magnetic earbuds ensure that the wires do not get tangled because they coil up. It also has Bluetooth so that you can receive calls and listen to songs without connecting any cord to your cell phone, and carry it around.

With its remote, you can receive calls, play your music list, and even activate Siri on your phone. No cord connection is needed for them.


  • Dimensions: 6.9” x 5.1” x 2.7”
  • Weight 11.2 oz
  • Wireless
  • Noise cancellation
  • Carrying case
  • iOS phone control and Universal phone control
  • No-tangle cord
  • Rechargeable battery (lithium ion)
  • Bluetooth
  • Comes with a mic and a remote
  • Music control
  • Lightning cable for charging
  • Comes with eartips with four sizes
  • Removable wingtips
  • Warranty card


  • Wireless
  • Long battery life
  • Fast charging


  • Slightly expensive
  • Only for Apple users

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Overall reviews about BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones are overwhelming. People are very satisfied with its quality and durability.

The wireless headphones, in users’ opinion, are very easy to use and handle. People are not afraid to carry it around as they know that they are free from the tangled mess. Headphones are not a hassle for them. They also come with Bluetooth and RemoteTalk, which enables the users to control their calls, playlist, and other audio apps without connecting any cords. This is praised by the reviewers a lot.

The voice quality is well liked by the customers. They believe that the headphones give off clear loud sound doubling the fun of music listening. Receiving calls is no problem too as the voice would be loud and clear.

On the whole, these headphones are …